Pramenný rozcestník


Instructions for use

Time period
Allows you to choose between the Middle Ages (1300 to 1560) and the Early Modern period (1550 to 1780)

Expresses whether the environment was rural (upper class) or urban (townspeople)

Type of information

  • Simple information
    We only know that at some point there was an event that could have led to a disaster or catastrophe
  • Extent of damage
    This does not necessarily have to be a specific quantification of damages in a given currency, this is usually in accounting material
    More often verbal evaluation
  • Victims
    The exact number of direct casualties is a very specific piece of information that rarely appears in the sources
  • Implications
    These are not meant to be specific preventive measures, but rather changes that have occurred in the context of the disaster
  • Preventive measures
    Specific, usually precisely formulated, measures to prevent or mitigate the consequences of a disaster
  • Event description
    A more coherent text describing the event.

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